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Learn how to listen to the deep inner wisdom of your own body

Transform pain. Find meaning and purpose. Start living the life you were born for...

Discover personal growth and tranformation through the power of body-mind therapies.

I believe that each one of us has an innate ability to self-heal. By helping you to access your own inner resources and tap into the innate wisdom contained in your body, I can support you on your journey to resolve trauma and illness, find meaning and purpose, and reclaim your life.


Wisdom can be found in the shadows.

Conventional practices treat our symptoms as pathologies, as something to get rid of. But what if those symptoms are our body's way of trying to get our attention? What if they are expressions of our deepest needs, wants and desires - ones we're not even aware of? Could we reframe our perceived weaknesses, embrace our strengths and start living the life we were born for?  

Trauma is not just experienced in the mind, but in the body as well.

Trauma is NOT the event itself. It's what happens inside your body in response to the event. ​In order to heal from trauma it is crucial to address the feelings and sensations that are held in the body, giving them the opportunity to emerge, be expressed, and resolve. Somatic therapies help us to slow down, listen, and follow the innate wisdom encoded in the body, so our emotions, thoughts and beliefs can shift.

Image by Folco Masi

Everything is connected.

Our physiology and our psychology are inextricably linked. When we're trying to feel better, the journey involves addressing more than just our feelings. We must also care for our body. We can use sunlight to build a sense of safety in our nervous system; eat more protein to reduce symptoms of depression; or use herbs to reduce the neuroinflammation caused by trauma in order to fully reap the benefits of psychotherapy. Embracing evidence-based body-mind practices offers a full-circle approach to healing. 

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What if your body is in constant communication with you, but you can't hear what it's saying because nobody ever showed you how to listen? 


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